Joy Marzec is a writer and director who has always liked fairy tales, myths, ghost and surrealistic stories.  At 12 she begin writing scenes and short stories. When she was 16 she discovered yoga, and often threads yogic philosophy into her screenplays.
Her next feature film, Survival of the Holy Fool, is set in Philadelphia, and is about a politically divided neighborhood that is united by an enlightened homeless woman.
Joy has written and directed two short films plus a feature, I AM THAT.  I AM THAT won "Best New Mexico Feature" at the Santa Fe Independent Film Festival, "Excellence In Film" at the Defy Film Festival, and "Best Narrative Feature" at the Houston Asian American Pacific Islander Film Festival. The film is still on the festival circuit.
You can follow the making of Holy Fool on IG, @holyfoolmovie or her personal IG, @marzecmovie.